The greatest of all God's creations on earth, we were made in God's image.  The earth, the heavens, the sun and the moon, the water and the air as well as every grass and tree and every animal on the earth were created for us.

We are Spiritual beings.  Each man is given a testimony of God's greatness not only from the spoken word of God, but also from the testimony given in nature.   Certain aspects of God are revealed in all things in nature.  From the graceful and effortless flight of an eagle, to the majestic size and beauty of the mountains to the powerful rage of the sea.  A world given to us that is self sustaining, self reproducing, providing continually good things for man.

God tells us that He used only the finest vines and still reaped wild grapes.  This was an example of the hearts and condition of the hearts of men.  The bible tells us that all men's hearts are desperately wicked. Who can know it?

God gave every man a free will.  To choose their life minute to minute, day to day.  In this free will, we are given the knowledge of what is right and what is wrong, and are given the free will to choose which to do and or follow.

The story of the Jewish people taken captive and held as slaves to Egypt and the Pharaoh (King of Egypt), gives us a picture of the bondage of sin.  Each man decides who he will serve or be in bondage to.

Satan uses the lie of losing your freedom to inhibit you from approaching and allowing Jesus and God into your lives.  The immediate thought of following laws, sounds at first thought, as a limited life, but the opposite is actually true.  Once you receive God into your life and follow His statutes, He actually pours out blessings upon you.  He frees you from the previous chains that bound you.  He heals broken hearts.  He repairs past relationships.  He frees your mind and spirit giving you peace and security to walk upright, and to speak freely not afraid that someone will hear your dirty nature slip out.  For He will change the old self and all things will become new.  You will be reborn and have a new drive for life.  He will empower you.  He will give you strength.  The patience of His love will give you a new understanding of what love really is.  You will be fruitful in everything you touch and do.  The things in the past that you counted as valuable will be put into their proper perspective, and you will be given the discernment to know what is important to prioritize in your life and what is not. 

Examples of the Idols (false gods) that we serve in this world, and some examples of the bondage they create:

Money: Sacrifice time with family, time of living, time with God

Sex: Risk broken marriage, Risk a heavily scarred heart and hurting others, Risk disease and unwanted pregnancies.

Fame: Loss of time from family, God, enjoying life

Looks: Loss of time and money trying to retain your youth.

Alcohol, Drugs and Partying,  Trying to fill the God given void in your heart, the need of happiness, the need of the love of your Father in heaven.

Extreme sports: searching for that thrill, again trying to fill that need of happiness in your life that was placed there by God and can only permanently be filled with a relationship with God.

That big beautiful House:  Loss of time with family, God and enjoying life to pursue after something that is only temporary.

That career:  Loss of time with family, God, and enjoying life in a pursuit to climb the company ladder.

Of the above things, many are not bad in and of themselves, and even God may add and bless you in one or several of these areas.  Maybe you are basically happy where you are at and don't feel the need for change, but you hear the knock of the Spirit upon your heart, and realize the void that is missing in your heart.  

Then come!  Drink from the living waters and you will thirst no more!

God also created man that He could have a relationship with every one of us.  The treasure in the field that God saw before He sacrificed His son to redeem us.  Because He loves you.  He knows each of us and calls us by our name.  He wants to spend time with us, now and for eternity.

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