Welcome (An Introduction to Christworks.net and the vision seen, 7/27/00)

Welcome to Christworks.net.  The place on the Net devoted to introducing you to Christ and the Christian life, brotherhood and sharing.  Learn the way to live life according to your designer and maker.  I have found that it is the easiest, most rewarding, the only way to live life more abundantly now and for eternity.  A balanced life, walking through green pastures, never straying far from the living waters.  A way of living strong, steadfast and unmovable.  Depression, anger, lust, and any over indulgence in the drives of life: Food, sex, money, thrill seeking, or even boredom will be removed or diminished in your life.  Instead your life will be renewed.  A new you, full of energy, full of Love, focused, outgoing, freedom from unhelpful desires.  How do I know this? Because He did it for me, and He did it for many others.

And here is were you get to learn about it first hand, and yet hidden, as the net provides a look, but from afar.  And I encourage you, as you become more at home in this environment, that you do the following:  Pick up a bible and begin to read it.  Search and read the commentaries on this site and to related Christian sites, and then search out a good church in your area and join and get involved.  Do you need to do all these things? No not to enjoy the blessings of our Lord Jesus Christ, but to open yourself up to all the blessings He has in store for you; do not hesitate.  Let Him have access to your whole life, and then watch as He makes your life soar as an eagle in flight.

You have the opportunity here to give back to the community of which you share in.  This is a  Christian site which will accept Christian authors to create web site pages and content.  This is your opportunity to share with the rest of the world, the gift or gifts the Lord has given to you.  With the help of Christworks.net staff, pages will be created and posted on the web, including pictures, music and video will be posted.  A table of contents called “Heaven on the Web” will guide viewers to their interests or needs, and from there, instruction by you (You author/co-author the page) will aid them in what they search for.  As an adder I encourage, not mandatory, that each person give a little background on themselves, this could be a prayer to the world, a testimony of how the Lord has worked in your life, etc.

Topics are endless.  Have you heard a good clean joke.  Do you know a special trick or how to repair something.  Do you know how to build something?  Draw something? Arts? Crafts? Does your pet have a special trick?  Can you explain how to play a game?  Do you have a special way of how to hit a baseball out of the park 80% of the time?  Do you know how to play that new song?  Do you know a good recipe? Do you have a special technique you use to learn or memorize or study math or spelling?  Do you know how to raise a chicken, duck or a cow?  Do you know about the lives of these animals?  Do you know how to grow a flower? Trim or fertilize a certain plant?  Do you know how to bargain with a salesman?  Let your imagination run, and use the guidance of the Lord.  You will touch lives more than you can imagine.

I especially encourage you to give a testimony to the field of work that you perform.  There will be a special section based on careers.  Many of the young are raised with seeing one or a few people working in a trade.  In every line of work, or job, there is good and bad.  Not all experiences are good.  Come share these with the young and not so young, and tell them about your work and how you arrived there. Show them the footsteps that will lead them to a place close to where you are standing.  Show a man how to fish, and he may eat for a life time.

Pastors: Do you have a good bible study that the Lord has moved you to teach?  Do you have a congregation you would like to grow?  Publish a sermon with us.  Post your church with us. 

Can you donate service to Christworks.net?  Help will be needed with computer programming, typing up web page sheets etc.  Do you have unused space on your web servers that you can donate to the storage of this web page content? Or do you have discounted space available?  Contact us!

Do you have time to proof read pages?  Are you experienced in any field that we can make you an expert to reference and make commentaries on pages?

Have you read a page on Christworks.net that you do not agree with?  Has the Lord shown you a different perspective? Add your commentary!

Do you have funds which need to go to the needy?  Do you have an organization which can provide a tax shelter to a corporate organization and have the works in place to distribute these funds to the needy or do work for the needy? Let us connect you together.

To all that come here: Watch as Christ works!

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