Holy Spirit (The Spirit of God)

Man searches the world for proof: physical, intellectual or otherwise of the existence of Jesus and God.

God tells us through the bible that all who search with all their heart will find Him.  The way that this is proved or revealed is by the presence or touch of the Holy Spirit. He bears witness to the words of God.  He bears witness to the presence of God.  He writes the law of God on the hearts of his children.  In many ways, the Holy Spirit is similar to the feeling many describe as a conscience, but not only does the Holy Spirit convict your heart at the breaking of God's laws, but it brings blessed feelings, emotional highs, indescribable ecstasy, when God pours out His blessings on you. 

The Holy Spirit is also a part of God.  The book of genesis tells us of the "Spirit of God Hovering over the face of the waters".

The bible tells us in both the old and new testaments of the men that were filled with the Spirit of God.

The prophets (holy men of God who taught the word of God, prophesied to future events or had divine revelations from God which they presented to the world.) were revealed many things mostly through the Holy Spirit or messengers of God (Angels).

The Holy Spirit is a testament to the omniscient powers of God: Present and aware of all things everywhere, things in the open and even those things which are hidden. 

The Spirit is our helper in this world, until the end of the age, when both God and the Son of God will be revealed.

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